5 money-savvy methods for lowering your wedding expenses (plus one awesome deal from Rocker in Love!)

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 Photo by Rocker in Love
Photo by Rocker in Love

Raise your hand if you've entered a drawing at a wedding show? Googled “wedding venue discounts?” Checked out the “offbeat discount” tag on Offbeat Bride? You might be looking for a deal, and to that we all can relate. Weddings are hella expensive, but sometimes couples can respectfully negotiate discounts. Here are our five tips for getting the best deals from wedding vendors — AND one very special promotion from an Offbeat Bride sponsor (super enticing for bargain-hunters!).

Start booking early

The earlier you start booking vendors, the more flexible your vendors can be. You can choose an off-peak (aka less expensive) time of year for your venue, a less busy season for your photographer, and maybe get a discount for booking ahead of time. We often see vendors offer end-of-year discounts for couples booking the following year.

Think outside of the Saturday box

You probably already know by now if you've started planning, but Saturday wedding markups are real, and they can be big and bad. If you can swing a Friday, Sunday, or even a weekday wedding, get ready to save big time. Plus, if you're planning a last-minute party, alternate days are far more likely to have availability since venues and vendors book up on Saturdays well in advance.

Photo by Rocker in Love
Photo by Rocker in Love

Buy seasonally and locally

In-season flowers and produce are generally less expensive than anything you'll have to ship in from other parts of the world. Out-of-season flowers can be acquired, but you'll likely pay three to five times the price of it in season. Try to stick with what's easily available during your chosen season and you'll shave off some extra money from the budget. This goes for decor, too. Planning a holiday wedding next year? Stock up on super cheap seasonal decor right after the holiday this year.

Ask for a deal — respectfully

No, really. Just ask if the vendor has a promotion going on, works on a sliding scale, or would just be willing to make things a little easier on the wallet. Respect that a vendor may not be able to accommodate it — but as long as you're respectful, it never hurts to ask.

It can also help to give vendors a taste of why they might want you as a client. Are you having fire spinners, an Iron Man groom's cake, or a lush forest venue at the Golden Hour? Vendors are always looking for neat-o ideas for their portfolios and may be inclined to give you a deal. Don't worry if you're doing things more traditionally — you never know when you'll totally connect with a vendor over some small detail.

Watch for vendor specials — like the one we're about to drop!

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Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Offbeat Bride features vendor deals all the time, but this one is special. You may have already heard about Rocker in Love's U.S. Wedding Tour, and there are still dates and locations to snag (extended into 2015 due to demand and to accommodate more couples!), but there's a new element in the mix. Dani and Grasi are working on a photography book to capture all the amazing moments on their U.S. tour. So there's a chance you could be in it!

The best part, of course, is the price. It's why you're reading this, right? Rocker in Love's deal is only $1800 for two photographers, full wedding coverage, edited images, rights to print and share, and a extra photo session! See all the details here. The map above shows the locations that are still available (grey states), so see if your wedding matches up. If it does, you need to reach out to Rocker in Love and get on the tour. Simply email them at [email protected] with the details of your wedding and they will hook it up.

As a bonus, if you're looking for some sunshine-y happiness to make your day, get a load of this sweet thing tearing it up. Yep, it's Grasi and Dani's little ball of awesome energy, Otto.

Thanks to Rocker in Love and their U.S. Wedding Tour for sponsoring this post. Don't forget to see if they are coming to your area to take advantage of their amazing discount.

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  1. On the topic of respectfully (yes!! thank you!) asking for a deal- while a deal may not always be forthcoming, you might also ask about alternative payment schedules. Your vendor might be willing to, say, take several small payments in place of 1 or 2 large payments. Ask about cash discounts. While I don’t condone skirting the tax man, sometimes vendors are a lil more flexible about pricing when cash is promised.

    Also, just be nice. Really. I (photographer/album designer) know that when I’m working with a super nice client, I’m way more likely to throw in a few extra album pages or an extra enlargement or two. Karma exists in this realm.

  2. Alot of this seems pretty obvious. We had a Friday wedding. One reason was because it was cheaper and 2, because we wanted a head start on our honeymoon. Down side to Friday weddings (between ours and one of my girlfriends who got married on a Friday (as that is what day 14 Feb fell this year and she wanted to get married on that day)) was that ALOT of people did not show up. Granted my wedding everyone was out of towners except for about 3 people (friends), so alot of them did not want to take Thursday and Friday off (vs. just taking Friday off for a Sat wedding or Monday for a Sunday wedding). My girlfriend who got married also on a Friday were everyone was pretty much local had the same problem. So unless a non-Saturday (or Sunday) wedding falls on or near a holiday, if I did it again I would not have a Friday wedding. If I did, it will be a courthouse wedding and have a reception for family and friends when we got back from honeymoon.

  3. My husband & I got married on a Sunday bec. the venue we loved offered a longer booking on Sundays for the same price as Saturdays — more bang for the buck! Our guests didn’t mind, even the ones coming from out of town.

    Now he’s a wedding videographer, & he loves booking Friday & Sunday weddings. They’re easier on his schedule, so he can book more of them. I don’t know if he prices them differently, but he usually has a better time 🙂 Happy vendors make for a better product, that’s for sure.

  4. We’re getting married on a sunday, and having our venue half price! And it was even cheaper on a week day…

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