Reader roundup: Ray guns, metal trees, and skateboarding brides

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Ray guns, vital to every wedding party photoWe saw Fluffy Monster's Save the Dates last week. This week, let's check out her amazing bridal party shot. Yup, those are ray guns, capes, and some awesome flashes of color. Check out one more Fluffy Monster photo, metalic tree centerpieces, beverage-themed Save the Dates, and more on this week's reader round-up…

Pretending it's not cold outWhoa, this is a bouquet alternative double whammy. As Fluffy Monster explains, “I crocheted the flowers, then sewed them onto gloves, since gloves seemed much more practical than bouquets.” That's some winter wedding GENIUS! I'm also loving the bright yellow tie.

tree centerpiece detailI heart these polished aluminum trees with hanging tea lights, uploaded by Offbeat Bride reader Amber. How killer do these look as centerpieces?

Geresy Wedding ~ Save the DatesDid I deliver on the beverage-themed Save the Dates, or what!? I'll let the bride explain these amazing creations:

My father and his best friend (Mariano Rosales and Jeff Shaw) did the artwork, which makes these even more meaningful to us. Paul, my fiancé, has been a beer brewer as long as we've been dating (over six years now) and I've been drinking coffee probably since I was 4 (this is probably why I am short). As a result, I've always been big into coffee brewing methods. Our loved ones turned us into our favorite brews and came up with a fitting phrase to go along with it. I always wear my hair in a pony tail (hence the coffee spilling) and Paul notoriously wears plaid shirts. That's his trademark facial hair and glasses.

ZGLP8bKTribesmaid Candicimo described her wedding as “more like a birthday party for a pre-teen boy.” Which not only sounds AWESOME, but was proven to be awesome by this “achievement unlocked” photo. Their graphic designer friend made the sign, had it professionally printed for them, and then made the PDF available for all y'all if you want to unlock this achievement as well!

imageFinally, if you haven't added “photo of me on a skateboard” to your photography list, DO IT NOW! How adorable does “mrslindso” look!?

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    • It was a blast! The snow ball fight ones may be even more fun.

      Thanks for including us in the RR 🙂

  1. Those beverage save-the-dates are SO adorable and personalized, and I love the description of Candicimo’s wedding as a “party for a pre-teen boy”: sometimes I feel like our wedding aesthetic is going in more of the direction of little girl’s princess birthday party, which is totally OK! 😀

  2. So THAT’s why I thought Dick van Dyke’s wedding looked like it belonged on OBB! 😀

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