Reader photo from someone who’s been following my weird-ass advice for 15 years

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Photo by Mischa Photography
Photo by Mischa Photography

This was my first business card (1998)You guys, we all know I'm a sucker for reader photos of folks with my book, but this one has extra special meaning for me because Emily, the bride pictured, explained: “I've been taking your advice since the Lotus Magazine days. My wedding planning wouldn't have been nearly as fun without you.”

Lotus Magazine, for those of you who weren't West Coast ravers in the late-'90s, was the electronic dance music magazine where I started my writing career. It was a tiny publication, and it's amazing that anyone still remembers it… so thanks, Emily!

Oh, and Emily and Steve actually had two weddings…

The first wedding was a spiritual ceremony with our tribe present at Burning Man 2011 in front of the temple at sunrise; the second was our legal wedding with our families present in August 2012 in our hometown Sacramento, which is where we snapped the pictures with my copy of Offbeat Bride.

Yeah, and you KNOW I have to share the photo from the spiritual ceremony…
burning man wedding

(It should go without saying that I love to see photos of y'all reading the book! Be sure to submit yours to Offbeat Bride's Flickr pool…)

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  1. i love it when people have spiritual weddings. my FH and I are planning what we call the “social ceremony” which is the big shebang with all the relatives and the big cake and the dancing and such, and then we’re having a private ceremony just for the two of us.

  2. Yay burners! My fiance and I are having 3 ceremonies: family, spiritual, and burner. We got engaged at Alchemy the GA burn last September so we are doing a burner ceremony at the Temple at Alchemy this year.

  3. BOTH of those wedding photos are great! I love the contrast, and yet the personality of the couple shows in both.

  4. Haha I clicked open this post, and I was like “Aww, how adorably Offbeat Lite. *scrolls down* Oh! How adorably Offbeat, too!”
    The ol’ Lite n’ Switch.

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