Post-it note wedding save the date cards

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Post-it note wedding save the date cards

Save the Dates with convenient and creative post-it notes!? Thanks to our reader Grafxcowgirl (aka Michele), we're filing this under the “why didn't I think of that” category.

We came up with the idea and designed the cards and post-it notes ourselves. My fiance hand wrote (and doodled) the post-it. The cards and post-its were sent out for printing (VistaPrint) and then we put it all together. We also hand-stamped the return addresses (stamp from VistaPrint) and the logo (custom rubber stamp) on the front of the envelope. And, as you can see, we even had some help from our dog, Penny.
Post-it note wedding save the date cards
Post-it note wedding save the date cards

Michele, you have an adorable and incredibly talented family. Can't wait to keep updated on the rest of your wedding plans.

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Comments on Post-it note wedding save the date cards

  1. that is one of the best ideas i’ve seen!! its one of those so-simple-so-useful-i’d-never-think-of-it-myself!!!! good on ya

  2. That is such an innovative idea! Hey, wait…I think I got that invite….I think I know that Dog….holy crap, that guy even looks familiar. Do I know you????

  3. wow, cute!

    I feel kind of silly asking this, but could someone clarify the reason for the post it? If it was just the post-it and nothing else, I understand that it would act as an STD. But since there is also a regular std card, which the post-it is stuck to… is it essentially two STDs in one? Or do they serve two seperate functions?

    help me out here! I think it’s such a cute idea but for some reason I can’t wrap my mind completely around all the functions of various wedding swag.

    thanks =)

  4. Brandee: The post-it serves as an extra, even more convenient, way of reminding your guests about the wedding date.

    As someone who looses things easily in the mess that is my apartment this would be SO helpful. For example, I can remove the post-it from the card and then place it on my desk calendar, or my computer or on my non-magnetic fridge to serve as a constant reminder that I have to make plans.

    Voila! An STD that actually works as a constant reminder for normal and unorganized people like me and my family. Hence the fact that I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this. And I’m hoping more people that I know rock this idea in the future. 🙂

    Sorry Michele if I’ve stepped on your toes with the answer here, feel free to add more to this explanation if you’d like.

  5. The Post-it notes were designed to be a reminder in addition to the card. We had seen a lot of magnets done, but in our house we are Post-it people…they are everywhere! So as an inside joke we came up with the Post-it idea. We figured people could put it where ever they normally put their own Post-it reminders. Plus it was a great way for us to “personalize” the piece, which was really important to us.

  6. I have been using Vistaprint for years and never had a single problem. As with signing up for anything, always make sure to uncheck any checked boxes for stuff you don’t want. As long as you do that, you should be fine.

  7. I’ve also been using VistaPrint forever for both professional and personal use and never had a problem. It’s always good to be cautious, but they do good work for cheap which is what I need for my wedding planning.

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