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Posing with our awesome photographer (Andrew & Lauren's wedding)

Know who you spend a LOT of time with on your wedding day? Your wedding photographer. Sometimes you're spending more time with them than with your best friends, or your betrothed! That's why this photo from Andrew and Lauren's wedding is rad but surprisingly rare. It's Lauren, her bridesmaids, and her “awesome wedding photographer” Caroline, all in one adorable picture.

If you end up having a great time with your awesome wedding photographer, try to remember to take a photo with them. Because, after all, they're going to be a HUGE part of the celebration, so why not document the documenter?

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Comments on Pose for an adorable photo with your photographer

  1. My photographer happened to be a dear friend, so on the list of “required” shots I gave her, I even added “one of the two of us” to make sure we didn’t forget! 🙂

  2. This is a great idea. I wish we got a shot with our photographer Sarah Morrison (Hazelwood Photo) because she’s so awesome. At least we did get a great shot with our DJ. Now that we’re in the DJ biz, a lot of our clients love to get photos with us before the night is done.

  3. Our photographers do a wide-angle selfie with each of their couples. It ended up being an awesome panorama of our reception.

  4. I totally had a WHOA moment while reading this post…I somehow never realized I would be hanging out with our photographer almost all day at the wedding. Thank goodness she’s amazing and I adore her! I’ve added this to the list of “must have” photos.

  5. I thought we had a great photog, till I found out he tried to sell drugs to my bridal party…

  6. Thank you for featuring us! We had a great time with Caroline and her second shooter, Mara!

  7. My best friend took a bunch of photos with her photographer at her wedding this November (or rather, I took a bunch of photos of them together, as did many of their other guests), & you can bet I’ll be doing the same thing when my turn comes around!

  8. Oh, we have a photo with our amazing photogs :)) It’s their tradition to get a photo with the couple, I hadn’t thought of it, but now I am happy that we have it. They were a really great part of our wedding planning and the days of the wedding. We have a photo with our DJ too :))

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