Amber’s photobooth Save The Date cards

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  1. Those are very original…I love them! It gave me the idea that the ones I’d just created would look better with our picture in black and white…so thanks!

  2. VERY CUTE! My husband and I did the same idea to announce that we had eloped and to invite our guests to a reception to celebrate. The card said “Finally!” on the front. It opened to us holding cards in a booth that said we/ did /it/…(us kissing in the last frame). Then the next fold gave away the details. Since we had dated for 10 years the finally was quite appropriate! I love photo booths and wish I would have rented one to have at our reception!

  3. I love this idea!!! We have been looking for a creative way to do ours! So I was wondering how exactly did you do these???

  4. I did this save the date idea after seeing online by another couple. I think that theese folks did a much better job with the lettering, we just used newspaper and black marker (what we thought one might find at a photo booth). We took the pics at home in front of a faux-velvet curtain and cropped to fit the fight frame. We printed at home on thick photo paper and mailed them out. They were a huge hit and everyone has loved them.

  5. I would love to know how you did those. I was going to actually go to a photobooth and do it, but it seemed like it could be a little difficult to get everything positioned just right. I want to use white pieces of paper with black lettering. Would you mind telling me how you did yours? I love them!

  6. I absoloutly love the way this SAVE THE DATE came out!!!

    I have been looking at other photobooth STD’s, but they were never executed quiet the same.

    Does anyone know where I can order this exact one???

    All the help greatly appreciated!!


  7. we did an email directing to our website save the date, which is now our wedding website…who doesn’t love photobooths?!

    maybe not as cool as this one, but i am a purist when it comes to photobooths…not to mention, we had a lot of fun trying to get those signs held up at the appropriate time (and facing the right direction!).

  8. I was looking for information about renting a photobooth for my reception and remembered seeing something about photobooths here. I’m psyched I came across this again, because looking more closely I was thrilled to see that Amber married in Norfolk, because that’s where I’m planning to get married. It was awesome to read her very detailed blog about her experience and all the different vendors she used.

  9. We sort of used this idea, tweaked it a little bit!! We had a good friend who is also a photographer take the pictures and we help up a white lid (from a plastic bin) and took some great pictures!! We’re going to use 9 of the pictures instead, because we liked all of them so much and they’re laid out brady bunch syle with save the date and our date on four centers of the outside lines. (on the white thing we were holding up) Underneath there is a little box of white that we invited everyone to come celebrate with us. I’ll come back and post a picture as soon as we get them, we’re still waiting to order them until they’re perfect! [:

  10. FANTASTIC Idea! I'll be stealing it for my own wedding! How fun and original!

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