Offer your guests mini perfume vials as favors

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 | Photography by Seth Snider
Party favors from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Laurel and Michael had some sweet (smelling) favors at their Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding: tiny vials of perfume! They were all labeled with phrases that reflected the theme like “mad hatter,” and “drink me” (beware of people actually drinking it, though). Laurel purchased the perfume from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, which has a whole slew based just on Alice and co. themselves. Just make sure none of your guests have MCS or other fragrance sensitivities, because it might get a little heady in there.

Smell mad!

Oh and you must check out ZOMGsmells if you're looking for nerdy and fun scents like Triceratops or Giant Robot Birthday Party (no joke). Or you can always try bottling your own with a mini funnel and some bulk vials. Cheap and cheerful, I say! More favor ideas await you in our tag archive.

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Comments on Offer your guests mini perfume vials as favors

  1. I have long loved BPAL – they have other themed fragrance lines as well, including some inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman.

  2. If you have people who are allergic to fragrances/have disabilities which leave them vulnerable to scents, consider asking people not to put on the perfumes until after the wedding. A room full of scents sounds… really overwhelming to me.

  3. Nobody at my wedding would like this which is too bad because I have like, 100 imps I’m not using.

  4. Interesting idea. I’d just be careful with something like that if you’re having kids at the wedding… I can just imagine what 8 year old me would have done if presented with a vial of perfume.

  5. No, no, please god no. Unless it’s an outdoor ceremony, even just people opening and sniffing the vials (which they will) would be torture for someone with scent allergies.

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