Treehouse weddings at Oregon’s Vertical Horizons Treehouse Paradise

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If you've been on the lookout for a really unique outdoor wedding site, be prepared to get super excited…

Vertical Horizons Treehouse Paradise is beautiful property in southern Oregon with three unique treehouses that are available for weddings! We've covered two treehouse weddings on OBB before and we're DYING to see more of all that woodsy gorgeousness. Not to mention… how great is a wedding in a treehouse!? I mean, pretty much everything is more fun in a treehouse.

Vertical Horizons is located near the Redwood Forest, the Oregon Caves and the coast, amongst other point of interest, making it a cool place to have a combination wedding and honeymoon OR the ideal spot to throw one of those awesome weekend party weddings. They've got plenty of parking, a BBQ, including a sink and prep area, not to mention a frisbee or disk golf course. And think of the photo opportunities! Won't somebody think of the photo opportunities!? I mean, the property is just spectacular.

And if you (for some crazy reason) don't want to get married in a treehouse, Vertical Horizons has at least five different non-treehouse wedding sites to suit your vision — including a small orchard area and a pond setting. It's like a nature bride's wet dream.

Of course, if you want the treehouses included in your wedding, it's best to reserve early to insure you get the date you want. And the owners work directly with wedding planning to give you custom quotes based on your specific needs. So head over to their website and start planning the ultimate offbeat outdoor in-tree wedding. We can't wait to see the wedding porn!

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  1. I started to post a comment, but it really just began as an incoherent string of "awesome"s. So let me regroup here…

    This is totally awesome. Awesomely awesome. Like, it's an awesome idea for awesome people who want to have an awesome wedding. … awesome Awesome Blossom awesome. Seriously.

  2. Note to self: Move to Oregon to find awesomeness like this!

    I'm seriously going to have to keep this place in mind for future anniversaries/vacations/family gatherings etc… it looks absolutely amazing!

  3. Oh WOW!! Gorgeous! This is my dream. If only there was a place like this in the Sydney area… or is there?

  4. I'm so jealous. We don't have anything cool like that winnipeg, all our venues are over priced log cabins or ballrooms, which aren't really my thing. I would love to get married in a tree house and envy all those who do!

  5. I normally just lurk, but….

    OMG!!!! How long has this amazing-ness been in my own Oregon backyard and I didn't know about it??? Awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!

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