Order pizzas for yourselves and your wedding crew

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At the end of my best friends' wedding, I was exhausted and starving. See, I was one of the many people who had jobs to do that night, plus a speech to make during dinner, which meant I didn't get to eat and had expended a lot of energy by the end of the evening… right when it was time to start cleaning up the venue.

Which was why, when my best friend and his new wife surprised us all with pizza, I screamed out, “best wedding idea ever!” To which they responded, “we got the idea from you!” Oh yeah… Aaron and I had pizza delivered to our wedding crew right before our wedding.

My friends had remembered how great it was to have chowed down on pizza before the wedding because they too were busy helping and missed a lot of eating opportunities.

Before the wedding… after the wedding… during the wedding! Whatever. Just do yourself and your wedding crew a favor, and schedule a pizza delivery at some point.

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Comments on Order pizzas for yourselves and your wedding crew

  1. This is a great idea – when a wedding goes on all day and into the night, people are going to need a pick me up towards the end. We handed out bacon sandwiches towards the end of the evening at our wedding and it went down a treat!

  2. Such a great idea! Getting pizza delivered is a no-brainer for pre-wedding prep help, but I don’t think I would have thought of it for the actual wedding day.

  3. I would also add an extra pie for photographers, djs, or anyone else who is so busy working they can’t snag a bite! I guess if you’re spending big bucks on catering then this idea might not fly, but I’d rather have fewer hungry people than everyone scarfing down petite fores without tasting them.

    • The post-wedding pizza order was HUGE. I think like five large pizzas or something like that? And anyone who was there at the end was told to just help themselves from guests to vendors.

    • We’re having our rehearsal dinner at a famous Chicago pizza place (the out of towners are jazzed!) and I wanted to have an after hours casual chowfest for our dear friends who are helping and anyone else who might be hungry later. We didn’t want to double up on pizza, so my clever fiancé suggested we get a couple big sandwich platters delivered to the hotel which is a cheap and easy way to go. Bonus: the hotel said they’d give us a room off the lobby for guests to eat and would even store a few coolers for water, pop and beer that someone can pull out when the food arrives. The hotel manager said they prefer to wrangle any wedding after partyers in one place to reduce noise on the guest room floors — ask your hotels about it, you never know what they’ll offer!

  4. We had a rehearsal lunch the day of instead of dinner the day before since our venue was already booked the night before, so after rehearsal we took off and walked a few blocks away to get pizza for the wonderful staff that was setting up for our wedding! It was gone in about 10 minutes so I’m going to go ahead and say it was a hit!

  5. Yes- we ordered party trays from the grocery store for lunch at our apartment before all our helpers and us went to the venue to set up. This meant that a) everyone was fed b) everyone was at our place early and left with us so they showed up to the venue on time c) leftovers were snacks all day!

  6. Our wedding isn’t for another year and a half, so we have lots of time to figure out the details. I hate going to a wedding (any party) and eating only a bite or two worried that not everyone has eaten yet. I want there to be sooo much food at our wedding that people say, “Holy crap, that’s a lotta food!” I don’t want anyone to be shy about taking seconds or even thirds! Late-night pizza delivery is a great idea! We might also have snacks at the church to calm pre-ceremony jitters. 🙂

    • I kinda want that too, and I want to have take out boxes too. No point wasting food

  7. We’re going to get a big platter of sandwiches for the setup crew – that way we can keep some later without worrying about it going cold (or needing reheating). But pizza would work too!

  8. I love this! I remember being at a good friends wedding (photographing) and afterwards everyone was starving at the bar. I think this is a great way to make sure everyone is happy after the reception!

  9. We bough pizzas for our “rehearsal lunch” (same day as wedding) and for the people who were setting up the venue. It was greatly appreciated and they said no one ever thanks them, much less buys them food!

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