Steal these 35+ super offbeat gift registry ideas from REAL SoKind registries

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Offbeat wedding registry ideas as seen on @offbeatbride
Will Ferrell's favorite idea from this list: honeymoon sunscreen.
Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
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Our kinship with SoKind Registry makes total sense when you know that they focus on gifts of experience, charitable causes, and non-stuff gifts. Not acquiring a bunch of stuff makes total sense for most couples.

We decided to work with SoKind to find some of the most interesting, most “why didn't I think of that” offbeat gift registry ideas from REAL SoKind registries. Feel free to snag an idea off of this list for your own SoKind Registry, and then let us know what you chose and how much more useful it was than a toaster.

Offbeat wedding registry ideas as seen on @offbeatbride

Killer gifts of experience

  • Canning lessons
  • Graceland tickets
  • Slayer tickets
  • Live music fund
  • Craft party
  • Treasure hunt at a junk yard with us
  • CSA Share
  • Marathon fees
  • Brew lessons for two

Cool-ass stuff

Sunscreen for the honeymoon (learn from Will Ferrell)

Coffee from your city. If you have a favorite roaster, buy a bag and we can have a coffee collection to enjoy this year.

  • His-and-hers ring tattoos
  • Tiny home fund
  • Organic Beer Kit
  • Meyer lemon tree
  • Ancestry DNA Kit

Heartfelt handmade and helpful gifts

  • Pre-wedding guest hosting
  • Board game loans for the wedding reception
  • Stock our bar
  • Help us be handy — we are looking for some handyman instructions in order to take care of minor home repairs.
  • Three decorating divas on our wedding day
  • Moving help
  • Write us a story!
  • Relaxation tips for newlyweds
  • Wedding scrapbook
  • Dig up perennial plants from your yard — we would love to think of you when we head outside and see your beautiful plants in our yard. Hook us up with your flowers and herbs!
  • Music list for DJ
  • Pet staycation while on our honeymoon
  • Nerd help — we’re both interested in learning skills related to small business website design and server maintenance.

More-than-just-money gifts

  • “Get out of jail free card” — help us when our car breaks down on our road trip honeymoon.
  • Help repaying student loans
  • Potluck rehearsal dinner contributions
  • “The last-minute mishap fund” — This is a fund to cover all the last-minute expenses that we know will come up in the last few days of wedding planning.
  • Big tip to the best waiter or waitress of our honeymoon trip — help us give a huge tip to an unsuspecting waiter/waitress.
  • Foster an elephant
  • Papal Blessing of Our Marriage

Click here for even more registry ideas.

SoKind-logo-square-500x500SoKind has a free option and a premium option with additional features. You can even continue to use the registry for other celebrations like babies and housewarmings.

You can find out more about them, and of course sign up, over here. We felt a serious kinship for this charity-focused registry and think you just might as well.

Are you using an online gift registry? What ideas do you have to share?

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Comments on Steal these 35+ super offbeat gift registry ideas from REAL SoKind registries

  1. After my honeymoon experience, one I would add is “expensive/fancy bottle of wine at a nice restaurant during the honeymoon”. This can go for weddings, too. I have given high end scotch to couples as a wedding gift, and some have told me it was their favorite gift.

  2. “Help repaying student loans”

    I’d feel so weird if I was invited to a wedding & the couple wanted that from me. And I’d probably (mentally) go into Carry Bradshaw’s speech about “where is the flatware for going on vacation alone”

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