New York wedding photography with plenty of awesome surprises from Pennace Photography

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I have to apologize: when I introduced to you to our sponsor Laura Pennace of Pennace Photography, all I could talk about was how excited I was to find an affordable New York wedding photographer. I kind of skipped over another super-awesome aspect of Laura…

When she isn't photographing weddings, engagements, or boudoir sessions, she's — get this! — a paranormal investigator. Yup, she's been seriously involved in ghost hunting since 2006, and her team (she has a freaking team!) is the New York Paranormal Society.

Surprising, right? But I promise the surprises from Pennace Photography keep coming, including an engagement session like I've never seen before.

PennaceOffbeatAdvertorial2 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Basically, Laura's all about giving you what you want, in the way you want it. Bring on the uniqueness she says!:

I love unique touches. Lovelovelove. My whole identity as a photographer is capturing the beauty of the individual, and acceptance of all the parts that make each person unique.

pennace photography instagramed engagement shoot alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)And she will TRULY go out of her way to make her photography magic happen for you. For example, Elizabeth and Louis weren't going to have engagement photos done, until Laura had the idea to hook them up with an entirely Instagramed engagement shoot! And the result, as you can see above, was awesome!

PennaceOffbeatAdvertorial3 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)If you're having a “run off to City Hall” kind of wedding, Laura's your girl.

I've done several City Hall weddings, which are so much fun and I would love to do more of. These are normally shorter coverage, so I do a simple hourly rate.

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Clearly, as a paranormal investigator/wedding photographer, Laura knows a thing or two about living a non-traditional lifestyle. But add the fact that's she's the shit at taking fabulous photos and you have Offbeat Bride's favorite kind of photographer — the quirky, talented, and always surprising.

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For amazing wedding day photography the way you want it, book Pennace Photography. And for one more wedding day surprise, I hear that Laura's MORE than happy to entertain you with all of her spooky tales while she's shooting your special day.

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Comments on New York wedding photography with plenty of awesome surprises from Pennace Photography

  1. Totally awesome! Go ghost hunters! I am part of a ghost hunting group out of Wyoming (Paranormal Research Society of Casper). Gotta love awesome photographers! Now if only I lived in New York…..

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Laura Pennace!

    I found her a few months back through this very website and followed her blog/website obsessively while I checked out a few other photographers. Her work is just head & shoulders above the rest. Like, every. single. shot. is gorgeous (which also shows you she has a talent for editing photos too which is equally important IMO.)

    I finally met with Laura a month or so ago and wound up booking her for our wedding (I’m also going to do a little boudoir shoot. But shh! Don’t tell FH as it’s a gift for him!). She is just easy going, down to earth, we both share a love of all things supernatural which is a fun common bond and she is super talented when it comes to photography.

    Can you tell that I’m excited to have her shoot my wedding pics?! Eeeee!!!!

  3. Laura and I “accidentally” teamed up on a caricature proposal stunt in Central Park recently (the groom-to-be hired us separately). I posed as a Park artist, sketched the guy proposing and gave it to his lady, whose mouth dropped, followed by his dropping to one knee and popping the question. Laura snapped away – I thought she was just a photog in the right place by accident – and the results are priceless. It was great fun for both of us.

  4. The 5th picture down… Long white dress with cute little shrug- who makes it, where can I buy it or the pattern?!

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