Remember this post about the fabulous punk-rock Hawaiian wedding? Well, I found the bride's wedding MySpace (titled Sarah & Fernando: THE MERGE) and so I've got more gorgeous shots for you…

(And thanks again to Red Heart Photo for taking such gorgeous photos!)

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Comments on More from Sarah & Fernando’s punk Hawaiian wedding

  1. Love the pink hair! We really are hoping to get a bride with some ink this summer. I love that this isn’t your typical Hawaii wedding. I just met with a couple about shooting their wedding in Hawaii. The bride is local, so I am excited that it would NOT be a tourist beach wedding. The ring shot is great! Hang Loose!

  2. I know these guys and they live the true life, really. They are genuine and kind. The groom is one helluva entertainer (“Fernando the Love Machine”, “Max Murdoch and the Northern Soul Project,” and most awesomely, “Pimpbot”. There is more, oh so much more.

    And the bride, Sarah, is just about as fun and tell-it-like-it-is as you can get. And she puts up with all his shenanigans. They are both terrific people, hard workers and devoted to each other.

    Check out their engagement vid too, on Fernando’s MySpace profile. In true rock-star fashion, he proposed on one knee, ring in hand, in the middle of a song.

    “Not one of us, but two of us”…

    Fern and Sarah RAWK!

  3. recently got engaged and just found this site. LOVE these pix!!! the colors, the content, the angles. reminds me of an album cover. i’m totally digging it. anyone know who the photographer was?

  4. this is very similar to what I would like to do for my wedding, just, in the south and not a beach. I love it. the pics are great to.

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