Who says mary jane shoes can’t be for weddings?

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blue mary janes on offbeat bride

Wedding shoes are a weird thing… there's a lot of focus on SUPER FANCY! SO MUCH SPARKLES! MASSIVE HEELS! I try to combat some of that on Offbeat Bride with regular shoe posts focused on flats, wedges, and weirdness. If you've read the Offbeat Bride book, you may be familiar with my concept of “a smidge above,” which means that while yes: lots of us want our wedding days to feel a little special and a little fancy, what “fancy” means for each of us is going to be different. For those of us on the super casual end of the spectrum, “a smidge above” daily wear may not be glittering gold platform heels with bows… it may be mary janes.

YES, mary janes. They can be awesome for weddings. Let's take a peek at a few options. Some of these actually ARE pretty fancy… because mary janes don't have to be comfort shoes.

blue and gold mary janes
sofft mary janes
mary janes for weddings
taos mary janes
mary jane at wedding.jpg
blue miss mooz platforms
camper mary janes
floral mary janes
miss mooz mary janes
seychelles mary janes

Random bonus shoe

pink flats on offbeat bride

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Comments on Who says mary jane shoes can’t be for weddings?

  1. I never though they *couldn’t* be for weddings or fancy events. Some people have wider feet and shoes might only say on or be comfortable if it’s strapped on!

  2. I was kind of expecting to see a sparkly MJ in there to be honest…clunky or not.

  3. I really like the blue shoes on here. I think if I ever get married again I just may make me blue glittered shoes since I have not seen them anywhere so that be something different and something blue at the same time 🙂

  4. Lovely selection! For orthopaedic reasons, I was planning on wearing lace-up brogues to my wedding. Is there a chance you could do a wedding brogue feature?

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