Encourage guest-on-guest love with a “Makeout Nook”

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The "Makeout Nook"

We are firm believers that event decor is mostly about creating little experiences for guests. When it comes to weddings, what's the emotion you most want your guests to experience? Well, it's LOVE, of course… and love makes us feel like making out. That in mind, we absolutely adore this little “Makeout Nook” that Tribesmaid Steik created for her guests.

What a great way to carve out a little loving space!

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  1. This has totally inspired me to throw down some rugs, cushions and pillows and make a cuddle corner. At the very least, it’ll give the kids somewhere to crash when it gets late. Awesome.

    • I’m totally down with the idea of the Cuddle Corner! (Bonus points for the kids nap-space!)

  2. We had a make out nook at our wedding…. it was the photo booth.

    It was poorly lit and behind a curtain. I’m still not done going through the photos, but it looks like a lot of action was had behind the curtain!

  3. We ended up with one newly formed couple canoodling in the bushes for so long their friend thought they left!

    We also have a surprising amount of guests due with babies on the Spring Equinox. (We got married on the Summer Solstice!)

    • If you read the Offbeat Bride book, there’s a great story about a couple at our wedding who spent half an hour rolling around in some ferns near our reception’s outdoor dance floor…. 🙂

  4. My mister and I have snuck off to *ahem* “canoodle” at every wedding we’ve attended. At least once we’ve not just been caught, but WATCHED! (Our friends should also probably not leave us alone in their homes.) I have every intent to sneak off at my own, as well. But just in case we are too busy, we have designated a couple to do so for us.

    Every time the planning gets stressful, I’m reminded of this and get all aflutter excited again. It’s going to be an interesting day…

  5. We are using hay bales covered in fabric to make cuddle couches for people to snuggle in during the ceremony and well, any other time that night!

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