I can haz LOL Cat RSVP?

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Tribesmaid Erika Fawcett may have made a strategic error with the RSVP cards…


Her mother-in-law phoned when she received the wedding invitation to tell her that she doesn't want to send the RSVP back… because it's too cute.

Now she's worried this will be a trend. And I think she haz every right to be worried!

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Comments on I can haz LOL Cat RSVP?

  1. I had that problem with a few of my RSVP cards! Some people RSVP'd via email because they didn't want to send back their cards. Very flattering.

    This RSVP card is too cute!

  2. aw bless there so cute, I dont think I would send it back either.

    10/10 for the bride to be for her idea to use that image on her RSVP cards.

  3. Maybe she can use the RSVP cards as place cards at the reception – so everyone who shows up gets theirs back?

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