Lipdub wedding video

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If this doesn't blow your mind a little…

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

(Thanks to Saundrah for sending this my way!)

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Comments on Lipdub wedding video

  1. I saw this on another blog and was blown away. I am very jealous of this amazing couple and their kick-ass video.

  2. That video was awesome.

    Then the group coordinated air guitar started up.

    There are no words which sufficiently cover the complete awesomeness of getting your entire wedding party to stand outside a mansion and do group coordinated air guitar.

  3. Holy freaking shit.

    The older gentleman doing the worm? The guys rockin’ out at the urinal? The air guitar? The “I’ll make a supersonic man out of you”? What part of this ISN’T awesome??

  4. I’m assuming it’s the MOB in her gorgeous outfit, so sassy…. “I’m a shootin star leaping through the sky…like a TIGER” rrrawwwrr

    omg I love the whole thing!!

  5. Hibryd – not just regular air guitar, but air guitar using CROQUET STICKS.

    And I nearly peed myself (ha) when I saw the guys at the urinal.

  6. this is the most fantastic thing i have ever seen for a wedding! all the guests looked to have so much fun, and the whole mood for the evening and daytime just looked fantastic!! Congratulations on youre wedding, and on the video, i love it!x

    Making this happen seems like it would have been virtually impossible… I don’t understand how they did it and got everyone to participate so wholeheartedly (even the grannies!). But I want it for my own non-existent wedding!

  8. Oh….my…GAWD…that is fabulous. It just made my morning. Change that:my whole day. Freddie is smiling up in heaven and this couple will have a memory that makes them smile for the rest of their lives! Congrats!

  9. I smiled the whole time while watching this video. It’s just so bloody brilliant. It shines more than any regular wedding album would. The joy and the love on everyone’s faces is just priceless.

  10. By the way, the men featured in that video are overwhelmingly attractive. I just wanted to point that out.

  11. Somehow the fact that I associate this song solely with the zombie bashing in “Shaun of the Dead” makes this video even cooler to me.

  12. Perfect. And I’m imagining them playing this at their 50th wedding anniversary — even more perfect!

  13. Very enjoyable to watch and I’m sure even moreso for those who attended and/or know the happy couple.

  14. That was the most amazing wedding video I’ve ever seen! I was totally cracking up laughing for the whole thing. What an amazing effort!!!

    It did look like everyone had to listen to that song a LOT though! I wonder if they’re sick of it now?

    =D I wonder if the Queen guys have seen it?

  15. Seriously, one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen…and awesome choice of song! I’m still smiling just thinking of it.

  16. GAH!!! this is sooo amazing!!!!

    the air guitar was just…WOW.

    dear brian and eileen:

    you are effing rad.
    so are your friends and family.

    love and kisses,

    the OBBs

  17. Guys, Girls, Everyone here, thank you all so much for your kind kind comments!

    We made this video for Brian & Eileen, and we are really stoked with how it turned out too!

    All of your comments are amazing! Thank you all very much! I am stoked you liked it!

    Tim & Gendle
    LOCKDOWN projects.

  18. It was great fun that wedding I attended
    and must admit – I’ve never had so much fun in my life – Ashley is right all the Gents were very attractive

  19. Yeah, I cried a little too. That was superb. Hilarious and outstanding all at the same time! I wish – I wish – I WISH something this cool could happen at my in the future wedding!

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