Sleek and sexy wedding dress with subtle color and 3D lace

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226462_222905321058775_1683107_nOver the past few weeks, I've been gawking Wedding Dress Fantasy dresses that are big, bold, and beautiful. But I love how Tova, the designer behind Wedding Dress Fantasy, can totally create wedding dresses that are also sleek and sexy, with just a subtle hint of color. Like this baby blue beauty with the sheer white overlay with awesome 3D embellishments!

Imagine the other color combos you could get with this dress: bright red, black, ooh… a darker blue? What color would you rock under Tova's striking 3D lace dress design?

dresses: Wedding Dress Fantasy

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Comments on Sleek and sexy wedding dress with subtle color and 3D lace

  1. That is a dreamy dress and would wear it myself!. I checked their website out and they do have beautiful dresses there, sadly they are out of my price range so I may have to sew my daughter a custom wedding dress for her wedding next year.

    • i’ve always known i’d wear a colored dress, but it definitely comes with a few challenges. i’ve felt immediately written off in bridal shops for not wanting a white dress. finding a dress that feels appropriate for the occassion is a little tricky. more casual dresses that would be perfectly acceptable in white can seem a little too “every day” for a wedding, while a lot of formal dresses can look too much like prom dresses. a glamorous ballgown is too dramatic for my rustic wedding. accessories have been tricky as well, i don’t like how i look in veils, but in a colored dress without a veil i’m having trouble finding a “bridal” look. i think it’s worth the extra effort, but i can see where other brides would want to stick with white. if i felt more like myself in white i would definitely go for it, but it’s just not a suitable color for me. i’m going for a creamy yellow.

      • Have you considered a Birdcage veil? It would help the rustic look with the right fascinator. Or you could just go for a fascinator that has a bit of russian netting on it to simulate the look of a veil without actually having a veil.

    • Lol, I wore ivory myself, but I had a pale blue jacket over it.

      I actually ogled the dresses on this site for months thinking I wouldn’t be able to find anything in a retail store that matched my Victorian Steampunk theme… It turned out I did find something, even though it did cost more than any of the dresses I liked on Wedding Dress Fantasy.

  2. Oooh I’ve only seen their ballgowns and sheaths before. I’d love to see this little number on their Youtube channel!

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