Let me count the ways I love this photo

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weddingThis shot just showed up in the Offbeat Bride pool, and I just spent 10 minutes studying it like a work of art. Uh, hi. Obsess much? Here's what caught my eye:

  1. Pink-haired bride (is that Atomic Pink?)
  2. Gorgeous ink on both of 'em
  3. Groom in a pink shirt
  4. …with rolled up sleeves
  5. …and a vest with no jacket
  6. Groom in sneakers
  7. The formal setting — love the contrast!
  8. Mohawk
  9. The bride's delicate little headpiece
  10. The way the soft pink dress matches the soft pink bouquet
  11. The groom's glasses

There are more pictures from this German wedding over here.

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Comments on Let me count the ways I love this photo

  1. Tromp l’oeil love.
    And we make our case one more time: offbeat weddings can still be freakin’ classy, y’all.

  2. This wedding is so elegant, but unique with its little details. I can’t stop looking through their pictures. Beyond obsessed with the bride’s hair & dress!

  3. Soooooo beautiful (both of them)! This really reaffirms my desire to have my hair neon orange for my wedding.

  4. When you’re finished counting, add one more for me! Yup, I’d have to agree on Atomic Pink, my personal favorite.:)

  5. I had my hair dyed Atomic Pink for about 8 months. Fresh dyed hair like that….stains everything. My pillows, my necklaces, the headrest in the car…

    I wonder if it caused her any issues….
    Lovely picture, though.

    • Aww, I’ve had dyed hair quite a lot. Atomic pink currently, actually! Yes, it stains, but I’m sure this isn’t her first rodeo and she knew what to expect. Surely it didn’t cause any major issue? I don’t see what issue it would have caused. Sleep on crappy pillow cases, don’t wear white hoodies, problem solved.

      • Hm, I was expecting this with my currently very pink hair .. with orange also, but didn’t get any. My nails and palms were a different matter but only right after washing it. I use ‘Crazy Colour’.
        I suppose having it up the way she does here stops staining what you’re wearing on the day being an issue. Crappy pillow cases just incase though! I’d be mortified if I ruined the hotels bedding :-s

  6. One of the things I loved about Germany when I lived there was how ‘normal’ it was to have hot pink hair.

  7. Wow! I definitely want to set this as my desktop image. Is that wrong? I love absolutely everything about this photo.

  8. Ariel, PLEASE track this bride down, and get her to write about her wedding!

  9. This picture is awesome! She totally gives me the confidence to cut off my hair the way I’ve been wanting to for the past year!

  10. I love everything about this. So freakin COOL!!!! Wish there were some close-ups though. Yes please let’s have details, too!!!!!!!

  11. I second (or third, whatever) that, Ariel PLEASE try to track her down! I’d love to see some close-up shots of her hairdo! I’m soo excited, my dress is going to be pink tea-length with fuschia shoes and a rose bouquet about her bouquet’s color, and now I’m definitely set on if not doing a full head of pink hair, then generously streaking it. My fiance and groomsmen are doing the no jacket thing too!

  12. Everything in pink looks beautiful, I wish I could dye my hair pink but my job has a “dress code” but been thinking about dying my wedding dress pink for my re do wedding event since my first one was pretty much distroyed. Love the wedding posted here though!!!

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