A heart-themed reader photo round-up in honor of Valentine’s Day

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Every Monday we usually feature reader photos that have been recently uploaded to our Flickr pool. This week I decided to mix it up and search our reader photo archives for a very special heart-themed edition to get us all in the mood for Valentine's Day. And ooh boy did I hit the jackpot. There are hearts made of hands, stone, wood, LEGO, and even fire.

photo by Vito Kwan at Jasmine Photography
How cute is this heart-shaped collection of stones at Tribesmaid Raemwel‘s outdoor wedding?

Mini Wooden ShoesSeth painted these for his bride El. As El explained, “The heart with the infinity symbol is something we have used as a couple for a while. Seth also painted the date of our wedding on the bottom.”

Love Legos
Tribesmaid Aggieastronaut had what she calls “Love LEGOs” in attendance at her wedding.

Offbeat Bride Kristin‘s wedding decorations included wine bottles wrapped in yarn that took hours and hours to complete. The hearts were bought from a craft store, post-Valentine's Day, for super cheap, and embellished with the couples' initials.

Steph and Mom and the "Guest Book"
Instead of a traditional guest book, Tribesmaid Krissybeth covered a side table with Kraft paper and turned people loose with a box of crayons. Somewhere, one of the guests got a hold of some masking tape and made a heart. Now it lives, framed and hanging, above Krissybeth's bed.

Let's all revel in the fact that David and Christine commissioned their friend and artist, Jon Sarriugarte, to make a heart for them to rivet together during their wedding ceremony in lieu of exchanging rings.

As if that wasn't cool enough, David and Christine's neighbor is a self-proclaimed pyro and does his own fireworks, so they hired him to put on a firework show at their reception. David had their neighbor throw in this one as a surprise for Christine.

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Next week we return to recent reader photos, and I want to see YOUR pics in our Flickr pool! Wedding photos, planning photos, DIY projects? What are you up to?

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