goblets alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Screw toasting flutes — Offbeat Bride Tribe member m_notes79 and her partner are going to be using these toasting GOBLETS that she and her future father-in-law hand made on a lathe!

She explains:

My future father-in-law loves to turn wood on his lathe and is always looking for a new project. He ended up making 5 goblets. (I got to help turn the smaller goblet of the two pictured!) Three out of White Oak and two out of Maple. The two that are pictured are the White Oak ones. I helped to finish the goblets with a salad bowl finish.

These win for coolest toasting flute alternatives!

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Comments on Make your own toasting goblets!

  1. These would be especially awesome if you were forgoing the champagne toast for beer or mead or cider or something! Huzzah for a cool alternative!

    • What we are intending to put in the goblets is a mead type of wine called Ceaderberg Spice. (plus at the reception there will also be hot apple cider :D)

  2. we had one like this that my parents had a local wood artist make as a surprise for us to use in the ceremony (I had secretly wanted one but didn’t dare pay the price I had seen the few advertised for). Ours had to loose rings that encircle the stem of the goblet, but the whole thing is carved from one piece of wood-symbolizing unbrokenness, unity etc. It is a an Irish wedding tradition that if you drink from this two ring cupped on your wedding, your vows/commitment will be blessed-it was such a gift that they went out of their way to do that for us.

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