Set up a secret “getaway table” for a post-ceremony private meal

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get away table alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photo by Tonhya Kae and Michael Rowley

Crystal and Justin had a robot-and-s'mores wedding that was heavy on fun details — including this secret getaway table the groom set up after the ceremony. We're definitely fans of private pre-reception dinners — it looks like a sweet way to get a little alone time to bask in just-married awesomeness.

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Comments on Set up a secret “getaway table” for a post-ceremony private meal

  1. What an incredibly beautiful idea! Too often have I heard and read about how the newlyweds rarely get a chance to just … be…and to just enjoy each others company… also, to refuel! I’m absolutely in love with this little secret getaway idea!

  2. I actually heard about this from a bartender who did it at his wedding, and totally love the idea! So many times the bride/groom never get to eat the food at their own wedding, let alone share a private moment together. I think this refocuses the whole rest of the reception.

  3. what a great idea! I officiated a wedding this past summer where the bride and groom disappeared for 15 minutes after the ceremony just to let it all sink in. I think we’ll be sure to have some noshes set aside as well because there is zero way we will have time to eat ahead of time.

  4. Thanks everyone! Justin was really sweet to arrange this for us. He also used this moment to surprise me with the wedding ring I really wanted. He’d told me several days before that he couldn’t afford it, but then had it tied around the stem of a special bottle of champagne waiting at this secret getaway table. What a wonderful husband I have. 🙂

  5. Awe, thanks for all the love, wonderful people. Justin really surprised me with this one. He also had my surprise wedding ring (he wasn’t going to get me one) tied around a champagne bottle when we got to the little secret spot. What a lucky lady I am!

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