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Comments on Build your wedding logo around your favorite video game

  1. You can ride a Chocobo in WOW easily as a Blood Elf… I’m just sayin’. (:

  2. I’m not a big FF fan, but I love the idea that people are integrating so much of their personalities into their weddings and not going by the so-called wedding trends. It makes it that much more personalized and memorable!

  3. As a longtime FF fan this has made me squee with delight! What a brilliant idea =D

  4. I wanted to use the A&E logo as our monogram, but E doesn’t like monograms in general.

  5. I’m having a wedding next month and would love to customize this logo for my fiancee and I! How (if it all possible) is it to get a PSD or something similar of this?

  6. I just did this with our wedding! (although I actually only saw this post today in the link from FB about stealing ideas).

    Our main themes for our wedding are Doctor Who and Final Fantasy, so I created a logo in the Final Fantasy font (like the one above) of our names, with the background image being a combination of Gallifreyan (Doctor Who) writing and a silhouette of the pendant from FFXIII (which I’ll be wearing).

    It’s cool to see other people with a similar idea. 🙂

  7. I just saw this and it’s amazing my whole wedding is final fantasy themed. We’re diy-ing sylleblossoms for my bouquet and hiring a bently as the regalia.

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