Gamer wedding invitation

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1001.jpgHow cute are these gamer invites for Hope & Jeremy's wedding?

It's like pac-man, only with less ghosts and more love.

This is like the antithesis to those lame-ass “Game Over” tshirts. And goes great with that Mario Bros groom's cake.

Ah, gamer luv!

(Thanks to hopemeng for the photo!)

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  1. wow, thanks for posting, ariel! fyi, the path that jeremy and i walk to “find” each other is a chinese double happiness character, which is common on chinese wedding invitations. i designed the invite and j and i silkscreened 125 limited edition posters (which we mailed in poster tubes) to all our guests. it was a lot of work, but worth it! here’s a link to the design:

  2. Hope,
    That is simply the best (pre) wedding favor I have ever seen. Using the perf wheel was brilliant!

  3. The Discovery channel website has awesome maze builders – I use them all the time for my puppet show handouts (kids love them) I’m sure you could re-work them to make your own invitations 🙂

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