How Matt Druin went from disgruntled groom to wedding photographer (and started offering FREE wedding packages!)

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Free wedding photography on @offbeatbride

Atlanta-based Matthew Druin & Co. Photography has always been a fan of offbeat couples because he loves authentic and personal weddings. He's a superhero at capturing everything that makes your wedding uniquely you and makes it look breathtaking at the same time.

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Before Matt was a photographer, he was a groom — a groom who had a bad experience with his wedding photographer. There's nothing like being on the receiving end of bad wedding photography to inspire a photographer to do better. Matt is on a mission to make sure that your photos tell your personal story beautifully and that you end up loving his easy-going and straight-forward style. We already do!

Oh, and best of all? Matt doesn't charge travel fees anywhere in the continental US. If you're digging his style (and how could you not be?), you can book him for your wedding no matter where you are in the US. Let's see what makes Matt the right photographer for you and how you can snag a FREE wedding photography package.

Free wedding photography on @offbeatbride

Here's a little bit from Matt about how he rolls with couples:

“I don't view my couples as a number or just another job — they're each unique, individual people, and I like my relationship and work to reflect that. I only take a select number of weddings per year to ensure the highest possible help and attention to each of my couples. I want to work closely with my clients, have the time to get to know them on a personal level, and really create an experience they will love!

I'm a very straight-forward, no BS type of person, and I run my business the same way. There are no hidden fees, travel fees in the continental US, or additional costs. Everything, including tax, is included in one sweet and awesome price, so there's no wasted time trying to compare every detail or sorting though tons of information.”

Free wedding photography on @offbeatbride

Want to see a few examples of his kick-ass photography style? Here are some of our favorite weddings from Matt. Oh, and do not miss the fiery trash-the-dress shot:

Free wedding photography on @offbeatbride

Don't worry, we're getting to the free wedding package details RIGHT NAO:

Special offer for readers of Offbeat Bride:

For a limited number of 2016 and 2017 weddings that are taking place in Hawaii, Alaska, or outside the US, Matt is offering a FREE all-inclusive wedding collection — your only expense is his travel!

Free wedding photography on @offbeatbride

Ready to snag yourself a wedding photographer catch with Matthew Druin and have a chance at a free wedding package? It's time to get in touch with Matt and book your date before it's gone.

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