Formal suspenders for everyone — bring on the leather wedding bindings!

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Seeing actress Diane Kruger all mensweared-up spawned all kinds of outfit ideas for me. Imagine this look with a huge, flowing skirt! That good thing about suspenders is that everyone looks good in them, even the kids.

At this point, what else was there to do but find a few examples of excellent suspender wear on Pinterest? Suspender-style dresses, skinny ones with a bow tie, even winged ones!

(I also found this tutorial for DIY ruffle suspenders.)

So, come with me to check out these awesome examples of a look I have always adored…

dgfggg 022812 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

hot suspender action as seen on OffbeatBride

winged suspenders as seen on offbeat bride

Dirndl-style suspender dress FTW!

Anyone planning to rock suspenders on the day? Any grooms going sans belt in favor of some shoulder flare? Share!

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Comments on Formal suspenders for everyone — bring on the leather wedding bindings!

  1. Can I just say that I freakin’ love Diane Kruger. Serious.
    And the plaid dirndl is rocking my life.

  2. LOVE the plaid dirndl.

    My gentleman doesn’t like suspenders, and I feel like I can’t wear them because I am too well-endowed, so my life has a distressing dearth of suspenders.

    • I can totally wear them, and my tracts of land are also huge… I just usually find I have to buy really thick ones, at least 2 inches wide, and space them wider so they swing to the outsides of the twins. Straight up over the nips leaves a huge gap between the girls and my waist. It’s all in the positioning when you’re not trying to keep your pants up with them.

      Pick up some old man ones at a thrift store for less than a buck and play around with them a bit.

  3. If we’re thinking about the suspenders and vests look for my fiance and the other men in the wedding party (spread out across the country) should we even bother looking at the men’s warehouse type places?

    • I think Men’s Warehouse has suspenders, but you’ll be limited to regular width, solid color fabric. If you want diversity, you might need to stray.

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