We need to obsess about the floral suit jacket trend

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Floral Suit Jacket FTW!
Photo by Erika Arango of Light Sky Photography

OK SO. Recently we featured this wedding — this clearly demonstrates that when it comes to jackets, flower power is IN. Sure, there were a few fancy coats to enjoy at the party, but let's be honest – these floral suit jackets are on fire and on-trend. We love that folks of all gender identities are finally getting a chance to SHINE in their suits. We love a more classic suit like this, but we're deeply obsessed with how our favorite dapper folks are getting floral this year. Let's talk about how you can get this look for yourself…

A few of Offbeat Wed's fave floral suit jackets:

Behold the quiet, elegant power of this flower suit jacket from Gentleman's Guru!

Or how about something a little louder? This gorgeous garden of a 3-piece could bring the bloom to any room. Happy bees not included!

FLORAL JACKET Gentlemans Guru Black Floral Multi Color Tuxedo alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Gentleman's Guru – Black Floral Multi Color Tuxedo

We daresay solid black dead-of-winter jackets are OUT. Why should dresses have all the fun? A floral suit jacket puts the focus squarely on your torso, allowing for a more casual look and feel everywhere else:

Why stop at the jacket? Paired with coordinating trousers and a neutral button-up shirt, there's no tie required to deliver a casual royalty to any affair:

Even the darkest goth can get in on the florals: this “frozen rose” vibe would pair nicely with a red wine and cheese affair!

FLORAL JACKET HandmadeJunkyard mens floral blazer alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Handmade Junkyard – Men's floral blazer

We *love* this breezy number from ASOS Design – aloha meets amóre at the club with a Mai Tai!

The “night garden” feel to this mint and teal combination is a lovely way make an entrance. Plenty of tuxes will walk in the door, but no one will miss this cool combination:

This is the outfit you want next time you crash a fancy wedding reception: the white and pink blossoms are at once gentle and arresting, especially paired with this creme shirt, pants and loafers.

Or perhaps you'd prefer to be a delightful rascal in a glorious explosion of color, top and bottom, balanced out with a traditional tux pant and lapels to keep 'em guessing. Again, it's the audacity of the floral print jacket at an otherwise stately affair that makes this look so inexplicably hip!

Then there's this fancy double-breasted arrangement, an ocean of teal, blue and green that invokes the spirit of Atlantis without getting woo-woo. And that fiery pocket square rising from a sea of flowers offers a perfect exclamation point, in case somehow there's someone at the party who hasn't seen you roll in.

Totally digging the stark rose pattern paired with the dark inner lining flecked with gold. The charm of the floral suit jacket doesn't hinge on the color alone! You can rock the flora any number of ways, including the simplicity of a yin-yang black and white.

OK BACK TO THE COLORS. This technicolor dream coat will bring a brain-pleasing psychedelic vibe to any occasion where a tux is requested! An entire wedding party tricked out in these? Rave The Date!

floral jacket trend
Gentleman's Guru – Suzani Floral Blue Red Tuxedo

Ok, one more: this is a perfect example of suit subversion – what could have been a forgettable (but fancy!) 3-piece is instead a transformative blend of modern and antique. There's a confidence to this sweet repeated twining of delicate buds, a soft power that fills the room the moment you make your entrance.

Want to get even more floral suit jacket ideas?

Be sure to check the Offbeat Wed Shop for a curated collection of the real-time suits and other masculine looks that are trending with our readers.

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