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From honeymoon registries to great honeymoon destinations to real honeymoon stories… We officially loves honeymoons. If you’re looking for more offbeat travel stories, you might want to check our sister site Offbeat Home & Life’s travel archive.

3 reasons to book a mini-moon after the wedding

3 reasons to book a mini-moon after the wedding

“Mini-moon” is millennial-shorthand for a quick trip taken immediately following the wedding, putting off a longer, more far-flung honeymoon for a later date. While it may start off as a plan B for couples who run out of time or money planning their wedding day, there are plenty of reasons to recommend the mini-moon in its own right. Based on my own recent experience, the mini-moon is an once-in-a-lifetime bit of magic not to be missed. Here’s why…

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Our big list of wedding planning apps Part III: wedding registry apps

We’ve been talking about the latest wedding planning apps that are taking over the big planning binder. In part I, we talked specifically about inspiration and collaboration tools, and part II covered RSVP and wedding website apps. This time around, we’ll be talking about the best online wedding registry apps. Some of them focus on honeymoons, some on gifts, and some on more alternative ideas like charity and experiences.

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Budgets, compromise, and staycations: how to decide where to go on your honeymoon

We’ve been covering all kinds of topics about honeymoons lately from saving cash to having fun, and this time around we’re talking about destinations and how to choose them. Let’s talk about what factors to consider when choosing where to go, like your budget, the activities you want to do, and ideas from offbeat couples themselves. Let’s get to the travel schemes!

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Namedropping, alone time, and buddies: 8 hacks to have fun on your honeymoon

We know some of you out there are worried about not having enough fun at your wedding, and that kind of anxiety can totally extend into honeymoons, too. We get it: nobody wants to have a bummer vacation. Focus on not stressing about it and going in with an open mind, and fun will be had. But just in case you want to squeeze a little extra enjoyment out of it, here are a few hacks we recommend to have fun on your honeymoon

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Cover your ass and save some cash with these honeymoon planning tips

All stressed-up from wedding planning? Maybe take a breather and plan the honeymoon for awhile instead (if you’re taking one, of course). Here are our honeymoon planning tips to save money, save time, and save your ass, because, seriously, planning a vacation shouldn’t make you NEED a vacation, right?

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Embrace the “Pura Vida” lifestyle on your honeymoon in Nosara, Costa Rica

Situated along the scenic Nicoya Peninsula in northwest Costa Rica, the charming village of Nosara is a splendid destination for newlyweds seeking that ideal balance of relaxation and adventure. Thanks to amazing natural attractions like white-sand beaches and dense jungle, the coastal town has been a draw with visitors for decades. But it doesn’t end there.