severina and seraphim alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photo courtesy of gak photography

Part of what I love so much about Offbeat Bride is that I feel like it's all about finding inspiration outside of my little aesthetic bubble. For instance, I'm soooo not a native of the goth/industrial/fetish scene, but I can find about 10 inspiring things in the wedding photos below, which are from Severina & Seraphim‘s Seattle handfasting.

Vogue Bride photo VOGUEBRIDE.jpg

a very happy family photo HAPPYFAMILY.jpg

the bridal party photo THEBRIDALPARTY.jpg

Foreverlove… photo INLOVEANDBEAUTY.jpg

And now you are Wife & Husband! photo MARRIED.jpg

… In what unexpected places have YOU found inspiration?

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  1. Was your headdress/hat/spectacular item on your head inspired by “The Fall” by any chance? I’d been thinking how gorgeous it would be to do something like Eveline’s bridal headdress but couldn’t think of a way to encorporate it in a small scale way….kudos!

  2. What I love the most about being inspired by the unexpected is the feeling of OPENING…and I love that “offbeat” is not equivalent to “not caring” – and that love is universal (and marriage should be too!). I am having a day of being in LOVE with self-expression! Thanks, for sharing, Ariel…you always seem to get me on the day I need it. I also wish I had it in me to carry out goth’s just not me! I always end up with a pink ribbon in there…

  3. i’m inspired by her ribbon-wrapped dreads! i have dreads and don’t really know what i’ll do with them when/if i get married someday. wrapping some with ribbon fancies them up a little- i love that!

  4. I agree – ribbon-wrapped dreads rock – I love how offbeat brides can make their dreads look so pretty at weddings. I had dreads for awhile myself but they made me look like a dirty surfer chick.

  5. We have been introduced into the wonderful world of Steampunk by OBB. While it is not a lifestyle for us, it has been a great inspiration for our wedding. We had already picked our locations, including a restored car factory from the 1900s for the reception. I knew that I wanted to include D’s love for all things metal: computers, guns, and especially cars. I also wanted to include my romantic side, which is rather Victorian. It dawned on me one day that our wedding was Steampunk-ish.

  6. Funny, 6 degrees of separation (or 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon which ever game you prefer). I'm planning my wedding and in love with this site. I find a pic of lovely bride Sev, whom I have never met but who is the VERY good friend of MY very good friend Johno who was at this wedding, and in photos with her left and right. And so – Id already seen the pic long before I clicked here, and of course loved them to bits!

    Whats next, Kevin Bacon at My wedding? *grin*

    I'm just so thrilled to see such really wonderful people like Sev and her love featured here. 🙂 *dances away all happy*

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