Tim & Andrea’s farmer’s market wedding

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Thanks so much to Abby Rose Photo for sending me these amazing photos of Tim & Andrea's Ann Arbor wedding. All the details are amazing — you'll see! — but I especially love that their reception was at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market.

Seriously, folks: it pays to think very creatively when it comes to selecting your venues! (And yes, it helps if you have an amazing photographer — a lesser photog's shots of this unique venue could have made it look less than awesome.)

For more amazing shots from this wedding, keep reading — or get the full shebang by heading to Abby Rose Photo's blog!



Ooh, and lookit all the deeeeeetails:

If you want the full scoop, head on over to Abby Rose Photography!

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Comments on Tim & Andrea’s farmer’s market wedding

  1. WOW!!! Love it! Not even engaged, and now want to be married b/c this looked SOOO fun! LOL! Great pics and even better details!

  2. Cool! After learning about the place "Ann Arbor" from the movie "Jumper", I didn't think at first that there's a real place with that name. Now I know it is REAL. Lol!

  3. I love the veil! I have super short hair and hadn't found the best way to spruce it up yet, and this looks perfect!

  4. oh, that makes me miss my ann arbor! so beautiful. i used to live right near kerrytown. what a neat idea.

  5. I saw this wedding! I live about three blocks from the Farmer's Market and I was walking home from something! It's great to see the gorgeous pictures.

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