A fandom welcome sign that steals our geeky hearts

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 | Photography by Lexi Lowell Photography
A fandom welcome sign that steals our geeky hearts
Photos by Lexi Lowell Photography

Sarah and Tony ROCKED their movie-themed wedding with a Princess Bride meets Harry Potter cake, movie-theme tables including Finding Nemo, Spider-Man, and Casablanca, and of course, loads of Harry Potter. It was a spectacle. One element that managed to combine all of these fandoms and movies into one was their fandom welcome sign.

It paid homage to all kinds of book and movie couples (both romantic and platonic): Lupin and Tonks, Cas and Dean, Arthur and Merlin, Westley and Buttercup, Angel and Buffy (ahem, shouldn't this be Spike?), SLOTH AND CHUNK(!), and Carl and Ellie.

AND MORE! It's awesome and we wanted to give it its own shout-out. What fandoms would you include on a sign like this at your wedding?

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  1. This was on my list of projects that had to get scrapped due to time 🙁
    But if I had gotten to make it we were going to have Han/Leia, Eric/Shelly, Darcy/Elizabeth, Voldemort/Bellatrix OR Lily/Snape, (we couldn’t decide on that one), Mario/Princess, and I know there were others but I can’t remember them now!

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