Shower your cake in edible confetti

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Adding confetti makes just about any occasion that much more fun — so why not top your wedding cake with confetti you can eat? Miriam and Zachary took their wedding cake up a notch at their Casablanca-inspired old Hollywood wedding by doing just that. MMMMM.

Here are a few other fun ways you can work confetti into your wedding day:

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Comments on Shower your cake in edible confetti

  1. I saw this cake on the Offbeat Pinterest board and I swear I just ordered an interpretation of it for my wedding over the weekend! I love everything about it. I tweaked it a bit but I showed the baker this pic. Instead of the edible confetti, we’re using edible glitter in our wedding colors. I’ve never been very taken with traditional cakes (beautiful but meh) so when I saw this one I was immediately in love. It’s on the simple end of the spectrum but so upbeat and festive at the same time. I’m so excited about it and I thank Miriam and Zachary for originally sharing it!

  2. I think my diy cake just got loads easier! I’m really into baking but have no love for icing (frosting). I think I’ll buy loads of something like this edible confetti and basically glue it onto what will be my delicious but poorly iced cake.

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