e.m.papers lets you DIY your wedding invitations, even if you’re craft-challenged!

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If you're looking for wedding invitations and stationery, our sponsor e.m.papers offers DIY printable wedding invitation and paper good templates.

Have you consider DIY printable wedding invites? Well, here's a veritable butt-ton of reasons (including one that's “funny cause it's true”) you should use e.m.papers‘s handy-dandy printables…


First let's talk finances:

  • e.m.papers is an affordable option to give your wedding goodies a pulled-together, coordinated look.
  • You can order single items, like these awesome wedding invitations. Or maybe you just need a one-off for your Save the Dates or Thank You notes.
  • But you can also get a great deal with their full wedding sets, which contain everything: stationery and “day-of” items like menus, table numbers, escort cards, etc.


Now, customizing like woah:

  • It's a one-woman show, so all of your dealings will be directly with Eleanor, the designer.
  • You can order color changes and small customizations if you want something more specific to your wedding.
  • Printable invites are great for dual/multi-language events, because you can save multiple versions of each file — half in English and half en Español!

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Half-assed DIY made easy:

  • Everything is instant download — perfect for last-minute weddings or if you need to get your invites out FAST, or NOW.
  • It takes just two people about 15 mins to cut out 100 invites! Which leads me to…
  • e.m.papers is perfect if you're “half-ass” crafty. The craft-challenged will have no problem printing the designs, as e.m.papers was made for people like you. According to Eleanor herself…
I consider myself “half-assed” crafty — I like to make things myself, but only if it is straightforward and easy. I believe that there is a lot you can do with some smart design, a pack of plain white card stock, and an ancient HP 960c ink jet printer.
The Black and White Printable Wedding Set - Bike. This is just $10!
The Black and White Printable Wedding Set – Bike. This is just $10!

With e.m.papers you CAN have a well-designed, super-stylish look for your wedding stationery, for a fraction of what invitations typically cost. Now your job is to browse through these beautiful designs, download one you like, and get it right now!

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  1. I used a suite by e.m. papers for most of my wedding printables, and it couldn’t have been easier. Download from etsy, fill in information, print, send, done! They printed beautifully on fancy cotton paper using my basic color inkjet printer.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Elizabeth and so glad to hear it! That’s exactly the experience I want my customers to have 🙂

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