Centerpieces: A labor of love. Pictures for each year corresponding to table number!

Cheryl and Gabe had their table numbers align with photos of themselves at that age. They were pretty sweet at four. The Offbeat Flickr Pool, Pinterest, and the Offbeat Bride Tribe also offered us some custom programs, a unicorn shirt, a dreadlocked ‘do, and a persistent dragonfly. Like a good breakfast, reader submissions are always a healthy way to start any week.

Reception place setting: Guest Libs





rehearsal day dragon fly - this dragonfly would not get off my arm!

Cake topper - we got engaged on our snowboarding trip to killington mt, in vermont :)


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Comments on Unicorns, dragonflies, and an awesome skull stein

  1. I pinned that guest libs as well (from a different source)! It looks like so much fun.

    The dreads updo = stunning!

    And the pictures for table numbers are precious!

  2. I love the idea of a game/thank/program.

    & Oh my the skull, I love it!! I’ve been playing with the idea of viking style drinking horns. Oh gosh I wonder what other awesome drink ware you could do, to the OBB archives!

    p.s. If there isn’t a whole post dedicated to toasting glasses, there should be one 😉

  3. Hi, this is Cheryl from the top 2 photos – thanks for sharing them! I have to say that gathering profile shots of Gabe and I from ages 1-18 was such a fun (and hilarious) part of the reception planning process. I ended up placing our high school friends at tables with the most awkward age photos (13-14, of course!), which provided lots of entertainment. The photos also seemed to inspire people to mingle around the room a bit.

    As for the wedding Guest Libs, I wanted to share that I actually used an Etsy vendor for those – The vendor was incredible, I would highly recommend her!

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