Sneak preview of the eco-mazing 2011 collection from Conscious Elegance

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The Chelsea dress with detachable train
The Chelsea dress with detachable train

Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Our newest sponsor Conscious Elegance is the whole package — beautiful, custom and eco-friendly. The “conscious” part of Conscious Elegance means that they're 100% green. They use only sustainable materials and every inch of their gowns are eco-friendly; they even use certified organic cotton thread. And the “elegance” part of Conscious Elegance, well, you're looking at it! We're lucky enough to be the ones to bring you all a sneak peek of Conscious Elegance's 2011 collection, full of eco-friendly, gorgeousness…

The Bronwyn in light blue.
The Bronwyn in light blue.

Check out the Bronwyn! (*cough* Buttercup *cough*) Someone PLEASE get this dress! Already it's apparent that Conscious Elegance offers a range of styles, from to full-blown Princess ballgowns to 1950s-chic. And many of their dress designs can (and should) be worn again. Seriously, look…

The full Talia dress ensemble
The full Talia dress ensemble

This piece of dark beauty is the Talia. The cool part about this dress is that it's two dresses in one. The underskirt is a separate entity so you can wear the full ensemble for your ceremony and then…

The Talia in party mode
The Talia in party mode

…lose the underskirt for the reception! Of course this dress, and any other, can be made in any fabric and color you prefer — from Conscious Elegance's range of eco-friendly choices. Of course, it's not just the colors that can be custom made to order, it's … well… anything really!

We love to give special treatment to our brides by working with their ideas about how their dress should look. Want roses instead of ribbons? Done. Lower the gown's waist a bit? Sure. A shorter, more manageable train? Yep. More substantial straps on the bodice? Easy. And we are happy to do these things at no extra charge. It's these touches that make a gown individual and perfect for each bride.” -Lori, owner of Conscious Elegance
The Grace dress with pockets added.
The Grace dress with pockets added.

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Conscious Elegance is offering a full swatch set of all of their available fabrics and colors (a $12 value) for Offbeat clients.

Finally we end our sneak peak on the Grace dress, aptly named after Grace Kelly, and it has pockets (if you want 'em)!

If you're interested in any of these featured designs, or any of Conscious Elegance's their other gorgeous choices, ordering your perfect, eco-friendly, custom wedding gown is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4…

  1. Choose your design and fabrics.
  2. Send Conscious Elegance your measurements.
  3. View the progress of your gown.
  4. Get married in your perfect wedding gown!

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Comments on Sneak preview of the eco-mazing 2011 collection from Conscious Elegance

  1. I love the Bronwyn so much. I don’t think it goes with my wedding the way I want it, but I want to find a use for it! 😉

  2. I would LOVE to have one of these gowns, but there is no way my budget would allow me to spend over a grand on a dress. Too bad, they’re stunning!

    • Totally understandable. Since we know that not everyone has a huge budget, we do have an option that entails less time (but not less dress) and so costs quite a bit less. If you have access to a local seamstress (or seamster) this might work for you. 😉

  3. I got so pathetically excited when I saw this, as Conscious Elegance and Lori particularly have a warm spot in my heart. I’ve never met her but ended up sourcing the organic cotton for my dress from her and for that small and relatively simple transaction I had the loveliest phone and email conversations imaginable!

    So even though I didn’t even buy a dress I can totally recommend their customer service, if anyone was worried about that being a factor with ordering such an important thing as a wedding dress online, I think you’d be in safe hands. What also made me fall in love is the non-discrimination policy, if only every wedding sales website was so open and welcoming!

    Anyway, this is a bit weirdly gushing but I was so excited to see them featured, it brings back happy memories! I loved so many of my wedding vendors, which is part of why wedding planning was so fun.

    • Hi Siobhán!

      Thanks so much for your kind words; it was awesome to be a part of your Fabulous Day.

      You remind me of why it’s all worth it.

      (email sent to the previous addy I had for you!)

    • Awww. Thanks Lyssa! I’m in the middle of designing next year’s Collection and your comment really gets me jazzed about making fabulous new stuff, this time with lots of reclaimed and vintage fabrics. We love pretty pretty dresses!

      Stay tuned…

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