Beautiful zombie wedding invitations

Guest post by ZombieFrogBunny


My hubby-to-be and I are both artists. He calls me his “doodle bunny” and he is my froggie. He loves zombies and we both love robots. Therefore, in the spirit of celebrating our general awesomeness and the things that symbolize our relationship, we will be having a zombie-frog-robot-bunny themed wedding.

In planning our wedding, we felt that the invitations would have a vital role in communicating our artistic vision for the event to our guests. This meant we had to DIY our invites. In the spirit of our zombie-frog-robot-bunny theme, we drew some doodles (seen above!) to have printed on the inside of our invites.


The zombies were printed onto the inside cover of the external portion of the invite, and the robot was printed onto the outside flap of the inner portion of the invitations (we used really nice paper from our local artist supply for the inside.)


People will be so surprised when they open them up and find a robot, a frog, a bunny and me and “my bug” zombified! Yay for handmade Robot Bunny Frog Zombie weddings!

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