Meet Offbeat Intern #5: Catherine!

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After going WAY above and beyond, Becca the intern is finally being relieved of her duties (she's moving on to help us with dev work and the occassional post) and I would like to take a quick second to introduce Offbeat Bride's fifth intern, Catherine!

Catherine is based in Chicago, where she runs a website called Movie Gnome. I'll let her tell you the rest herself, in a bio that comes off as awkward because I told her to write it in third person as some sort of cruel hazing:

Catherine is a freelance web consultant who focuses on design, user experience, and writing, and promoting online and social media content. She has a BFA in Design and Painting from Illinois Wesleyan University and is working on her Master's in Human-Computer Interaction at DePaul University (which people always seem to think has something to do with robots and she doesn't dissuade them). In her spare time, Catherine loiters at her local library, draws and paints, watches Youtube vloggers en masse, bookmarks recipes, plays video games, and writes for her movie blog, Catherine lives in the Chicago area with dreams of moving to the west coast.

Catherine's introduction to the Empire included me unable to respond to emails because I was suffering my worst hangover since 1997 (I don't drink much!), Megan caught in a Santa Cruz vortex with no cell access, Becca away at a family wedding, and Offbeat Bride going offline for 12 hours due to my web host making a mistake. We've spent most of Catherine's short time as an intern frantically waving our digital hands and saying, “It's not normally like this!”

As intern, Catherine will be helping us out with daily wedding profiles, behind-the-scenes projects, and moderating all comments on the site. If you ever see a comment that strikes you as BUH!?, you can email her at [email protected].


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  1. Wow. I’m totally nerding out on the fact that she lives in the city im moving to in a month, and we have similar interests. And she goes to the same school as my friend. 🙂

    Can we be friends? lol

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