A sweet candy corn nail look for Halloween weddings

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TBDhalloweennails11 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photo from Pinterest via The Beauty Department

A little tape, three nail colors, a steady hand, and you've got a sweet little manicure for October and the fall and Halloween weddings to come. I like this tutorial since the hardest part looks to be not letting these little tape pieces stick to the table. (I'm nail-challenged.)

I also luuuuurve this holiday and can't wait until next week when the Halloween weddings start. So this is a tease to whet your appetite. The tutorial is from Lauren Conrad at The Beauty Department, who is really good at doing hair as well… not that I'm jealous (I'm jealous). I've actually seen a couple of these candy corn nail tutorials where you end up with three layers of polish, but this one maxes out at two, which is much more manageable.

So take a peek at the steps for these candy corn nails over at The Beauty Department which consist of snipping some tape and filling in the lines. Simple!

Oh, and if you're jonesing for more pre-Halloween superficial snack goodness, here are some of my faves: Wild and woolly faux eyelashes, forest fairy makeup, and some masquerade looks without actual masks.

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  1. I am totally nail-challenged, but these seem fun enough to maybe be worth the challenge… Hmmm. We’ll see how this weekend goes… 🙂

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