Romantic dinner? Hot air balloon ride? Dog sitter? Get what you WANT with Buy Our Honeymoon

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Buy Our Honeymoon has been an offbeat sponsor since waaaaaaaaay back in 2008. Hey, that's AGES ago in internet-years. (Internet-years, I believe, are a lot like dog-years.) So it's time that we checked in with them again, and wouldn't you know it, they've added a bunch of new features and designs! Let's take a peek at what's going on over on the site that helps you register for all the things you need (luxury upgrades, romantic dinners, dog sitter…) instead of all the things people THINK you need (crystal goblets, picture frames, salad bowls).

As always, here are some of their awesome features:

  • Advertising-free, honeymoon registry pages
  • Password protect your registry
  • Include as many different items as you'd like
  • Include a second date in your registry search (for those double wedding party peeps out there)
  • Link your registry directly to your PayPal
  • Buy Our Honeymoon doesn't take a commission on the gifts you're given (pay once and that's it)

Now, here's what's new with Buy Our Honeymoon

New themes to match your personalities:
Buy our Honeymoon got themselves some cool new themes for your personal registry site. We like this vintage theme. You can upload your own photo with their scrapbook theme. This road trip theme with customizable photos has my name all over it!

New tri-lingual registries:
Buy our Honeymoon can now display your honeymoon registry in more than one language. In fact, you can enable up to two additional languages to be displayed alongside the English translation. And if you're using PayPal to collect payments, they'll also make sure your guests have the same language options for their credit card transactions. Muy bueno, no?

New customizable domains:
If the URL doesn't work for you, now you can choose from a range of domain names for your particular registry, and if you'd like to customize it further, they can also arrange this for you.

Same great price:
The bestest? You get all that (the old and the new) for a single, one-time payment of $64. So if you want to register for you honeymoon, or for… you know… whatever you ACTUALLY want, start your wedding registry on Buy Our Honeymoon and start scheming your vacation plans today.

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Comments on Romantic dinner? Hot air balloon ride? Dog sitter? Get what you WANT with Buy Our Honeymoon

  1. Cool! So how do they accept credit cards or does a gift giver need to have a PayPal account? Is there a fee the gift giver pays if they want to use their credit card?

  2. Hi Robin — thanks for your question!

    If you’d like to accept credit card payments from your guests, you’ll need a Premier PayPal account. Your guests won’t need to create a PayPal account of their own; they can use a credit or debit card. We’ve got some guidance on how to set this up on the site.

    PayPal do change a fee — for accounts in the US, it’s typically 2.9% + $0.30 USD per transaction. This is deducted from the amount you receive, so the gift giver doesn’t pay anything extra.

    The majority of our couples decide to set things up in this way, as it’s quick and convenient, and means that you have access to your gifts from the moment they’re given. It also means we can track payments for you in your Gift History.

    However, you don’t have to use PayPal to use our service: some couples simply ask guests to mail a check to the value of their gift, to bring cash in a card on the day of the wedding, or to make a balance transfer into a honeymoon bank account you might have set up. Importantly, we make sure that your guests know that you know what the money’s for, and that you’ll be able to thank them accordingly.

    Hope that helps!

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