You can SO afford videography with WeddingMix (and a choose-your-own-adventure giveaway!)

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Take a guess at one of the most common regrets we hear about from couples. If you guessed not getting any video footage, you'd be correct. And we also know that videography can be expensive. Crowdsourcing photos and videos can definitely supplement or even replace the need for a videographer at all. In comes photo and video sourcing app wunderkind, WeddingMix. We're going to talk about what they can bring to your wedding media AND a pretty spectacular giveaway that you and your crew will want to get in on.

Button vendor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)WeddingMix has been an Offbeat Bride sponsor for years, but in case you don't know about their jam, here's the scoop:

  • With the WeddingMix app and cameras, you can capture every moment from the proposal to the honeymoon
  • Every package from WeddingMix includes a professionally edited highlight video to share on social media
  • Guests can upload unlimited clips and photos for free with the WeddingMix app
  • There's also an option to automatically import all your Instagram photos and videos to include in your wedding video

What this means is that you're getting all the video clips and photos that even a professional wouldn't be able to capture alone, all sourced and edited for you by your guests and then by WeddingMix. Trust us, it's all for waaaay less than you'd usually pay for videography.


WeddingMix Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

Think about this: many couples have used WeddingMix to share videos of their bachelor/ette parties and shared wedding party shenanigans. Cool, right? Wedding Mix wants to give away a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure* with your wedding party. It could be a whiskey flight at your favorite bar, an AirBnB certificate to rent a getaway weekend, lift tickets at your favorite resort — you get to choose this adventure, my friends. The winner also gets a $100 WeddingMix package.

The story of your adventure also gets featured on the WeddingMix blog, including an edited video of the trip from the clips and photos uploaded by you and your friends. Wait, there's EVEN MORE. On top of all this, you can also use the WeddingMix package for the wedding itself, and they'll also edit a highlight video of the wedding. Whew!

Let's peek at Kate's pre-wedding video of her bachelorette ski trip:

How to enter:

Enter to win the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure giveaway from WeddingMix.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Are you ready to win a free ass-kicking party for your wedding posse? Check out what WeddingMix offers, enter to win, and then party like a rock star.

All dat fine print:*
Prize will be in the form of a $300 gift certificate to a business which will be verified by Storymix Media. The certificate will be purchased by Storymix and sent to the winner. The winner agrees to use the prize with their friends for a wedding-related event and be featured on the WeddingMix blog. Winner will also receive a $100 WeddingMix certificate which can be used towards any package. If you have any questions, contact WeddingMix directly.

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  1. Isn’t technology awesome! Wedding videos are such a great way to remember your special day but not all brides can afford a professional. I’m glad I read this post. I’ll spread the word!

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