I have a whole tag category for brides in glasses for y'all's myopic browsing pleasure … and I've got a new bride to add to the collection. This is Miss Sassy-Ass Adele from Australia:

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And as if the glasses and the skull garter weren't enough to make this wedding seriously amazing,
check out the dramatic sky in this shot:
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Sure, sure: sunny weddings are nice. But give me a stormy wedding any day!

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Comments on Another hottie bride in glasses

  1. Oh that is SO awesome. I’m planning on wearing my glasses on my wedding day, but I’ve been having trouble finding inspiration for dresses/hair/general style. I can’t wait to read all the other posts tagged for glasses. Thanks for mentioning it! 🙂

  2. Love it. Both these shots are awesome.

    I’m still deciding if I want to wear my glasses on my wedding or not. They look so good though. This may just convince me . . .

  3. Hooray for brides with glasses! I’m getting tired of people asking me if I’m going to wear my glasses or not. I wear them every day–of course I want to see my husband! I wouldn’t feel like myself without them.

  4. That first picture is possibly the HOTTEST bride OBB has ever featured. Gals in glasses rock!

    I didn’t wear my glasses – which are dark red thick lenses – because the weather was perfect for my eyes (overcast, stormy and no glare). If it had been anything else, I would have worn them.

  5. YAY! love the glasses. i have worn glasses my whole life, yet people still ask me if i am NOT going to wear them for the wedding. they feel so much apart of me. i would feel nekkid without them! 🙂

  6. I can thank this site for inspiring me to wear my glasses on my wedding day, something that I think almost killed my hairstylist from shock! It even gave me an excuse to get a fancy new pair, which I save for special occasions now.

  7. scunshine – that is the best plan! Costco or chains like that have frames for $40 – in the end come to $100. Not bad to pick up an additional pair for fun in a fun color, etc. (I am guilty of having multiple pairs + sunglasses from there)

  8. Gorgeous!! FH loves me in my glasses, but contacts are more comfortable for me. I’m seriously debating showing up in glasses though just to make him happy…which would totally confuse everyone else I know, who only see me in glasses when my eyes are tired or I ran out of contacts…..

  9. Beautiful!!! I wore my contacts for the ceremony and then switched to my glasses for later in the evening. The pics of me in my glasses are some of my favorites. Yeah for four eyed beauties!

  10. excellent photography! wish mine had been as good…goodluck and congratulations!!!

  11. I can’t imagine you without your glasses-they look so great on you and you look beautiful. I wear glasses, or am supposed to, but I don’t feel natural in them. However, who wants to see their entire wedding in a literal blur? This was motivating!

  12. I love her Jack Skellington garter!!!

    And that stormy looking sky is sooo dramatic and beautiful against their formal looks! It is an amazing photo!!

  13. I love that she wore her glasses, and she is sooo very stunning in them! I am wearing my glasses as well…if I didn’t, I don’t think anyone would recognize me!

  14. Planning on wearing my glasses too, just part of my whole look. And come on, I wear them every day people know me with glasses and think I look hot which is good enough for me. Love the garter and the stormy sky. Beautiful lady!

  15. that first dress is awesome!!! The dress is beautiful. Where did you ever find a gader like that?

  16. How perfect! I never thought I would wear my glasses on my wedding day (even though I totally need them to see clearly). I just might change my mind! 🙂

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