Affordable wedding shoes with bows, ribbons, and other femmy details

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black and cream wedding shoes

For those of you new to Offbeat Bride, welcome! Let me introduce you to this thing I do every Friday, where I round up some of my favorite wedding shoes that have been making me drool this week. This week's theme is a little loose: inspired by these $19 bowed heels ($19!?!), I thought I'd do a collection of affordable wedding shoes with bows and other bits of femmey frippery. Pearls, flowers, sparkles… you know what I mean, right? I've included one pair of glittery bowed wedding boots (!) and one pair of Vivienne Westwoods that are a bit more expensive, depending on your size.

Plus, as an added bonus… the weirdest thing I found online to register for.





pink wedding shoes on offbeat bride



shoes with wings


blue wedding shoes

gold shoes offbeat bride

Perfect boots for a wedding day!

aqua wedding shoes on offbeat bride

tstrap black and white shoes on offbeat bride


cute shoes on offbeat bride


gold sparkly heels on offbeat bride

Random weird thing you can register for

Matching set of D20 dice mugs!

d20 dice mug

(Pro tip: set up a universal registry on Amazon to immediately add weird shit like this to YOUR registry.)

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  1. this might be my favorite shoe post ever ~ thank you Ariel! hoping to meet you at Lovesick Boston next weekend <3

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